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Lyrics from Moonlight and Soul
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"You've got to say what you say don't let anybody get in your way cos it's all too much for me to take"

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Gallimel's House On The Web (2001/2003)

This is my so called "lyrics page" :) it's just a space where I like pouring out myself a bit.
Enjoy if you please, and never forget I am not English, so all mistakes and horrid grammar could be forgiven (could they? should they? Must they? I hope so , at least a bit)

Florence Fleming n°12

Big Mistake

50000 For a 2 Hours Tan

Minor Bath at 5 pm

Don't Think Of My Eyes

Light After Light

All Mighty Shadows


Devil Twist

That Shy Sudden Tender Smile


The Letter

Gold Made Gesture

Shine On Me

Love Warriors

A Flight Leaving


To write has always been a great resource for humanity.. there are people believing this is the key of our evolution, the fact we are able to fix our knowledge or feelings for being able to spread them and make everything keep on developing.

This is a place for all who would love to open their side of a writer (if any) or just a location to speak about the power of written words.


Literature Page and Social Contents

Here you can find the Lyrics/Poems/Essays of the Month chosen by myself, with explanations and notes.

Check every now and again, you could be surprised and maybe you won't agree at all with me, or maybe you will: anycase, you're gonna ask yourself about the sense of some written words and compositions.. and this is the aim of this section of the site, so it's gonna be cool like this!


me at Forte dei marmi May 2001

Raf's "Infinito"

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