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Gallimel's House On The Web (2001/2003)

The M'n'M's Choco Candies Tale
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This is the space for those who likes tales, and who loves to read stories which smells of a fresh flavour which reminds of greengrass , wind and blue skies :)
I've always loved to been told about tales, and there 's one of the most beautiful ones you could ever find.

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The Blue and Yellow's Sweet Road to Happiness


Once upon a time, in a greengrass Land, there was a Prince named Blue...

He was living in a quiet Reign, but he never seemed satisfied with it.
He was passing years of youthness closed in his room, angry at the sky which apparently was forcing him stay where he didn't like to be.
The Queen Mother of Blue was worried about the state of her beloved son, and the King Father tried to calm her down:
"He's just in that bad period everyone passes, he just needs to see the world outside: let's give him time, I am sure he'll stop to be so shadowed"

But apparently Blue was making no step forward, and the Queen Mother started to pressure him a lot, with the only result to make him even more closed.

Days were passing by under Blue's eyes and he was feeling constantly out of place, uncapable of appreciating the beauty of the Nature around him, and sometimes unfaithful in the life blossoming around, calling him out.

Then one day Blue was walking near to a Lake made of ice coloured in deep green colour, and while he was on the verge of the rock which was standing exactly over the point of it where the water was as deepest as possible, he saw under the ice a female figure calling him and waving her arms like she was in need of an help.

Blue was immediatly aiming to help her, and he putted himself lying on the rock, making his hand touching the ice... but the female figure was unreacheable and Blue felt frustrated and sad for not being able to save her..

"I am not even able to help someone who needs me.. oh why i am so unsatisfied of everything? what I have done so bad in past lives for being so useless and bad?"

Then he watched at the sky, asking almost for a sign able to make him escape from the darkness in his heart.

"Can't you see Holy Odin how much does my soul ache? Please you greatest of all Gods in Asgaard Gardens, look down at me, and give me something for healing my pain.."

And suddenly a big glittering ray of pure light passed from clouds till ground, reaching the lake's ice and making it watering itself: the water started to whirl itself, and while the wind was keepin on breezing out in circle, in a bliss of blinding fog, the woman who was lying under the ice in the lake started to arise from water, flying high over Blue's head.

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