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Gallimel's House On The Web (2001/2003)

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Fitness for Body and Soul

Sport and Diet: Mens Sana in Corpore Sano

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In this part of the site you're gonna find news about various sports, and tips about Gym and whatever relates to fitness and the caring of our bodies.

As ancient Romans did, I do believe that a good physical shape is just a natural way to be in peace with ourselves, it gives us balance and satisfaction, not to mention that it preserves our health.
It has nothing to do with being self obsessed with an abstract concept of "beauty", it's more a selfrespect we owe to ourselves, and a way to build up our will and skill to reach our aims.

I've passed years when I was younger being really uncaring about my body, neverthless I've always practiced lot of different sports, among them swimming (I can teach it) volleyball, tennis and riding of horses.

But till my 20 I've never really cared about fitness.
I was wrong and from a long mile :)

Now I constantly practice sports, I am always dedicating at least one hour each day to gym, and luckily I've got mates who cares as me about this side of life so I please to share with them times of running and times when we apply to various courses of training .

Here you're gonna find also a space about correct diet and a series of recipes...
Some of the recipes though will have nothing to do with health and diet :P :P :P

I am still and i will always be such a sweet food lover.. eheh :)

Enjoy :)

The Sport and Recipes' Page

Me friends and a cake at my BDay of 2001

this is my concept of a good dinner ending :) Me and my friends this april with my self-made BDay cake: whipped cream, three floors of choco cream inside, and strawberries up :) D-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s !!!!

me riding Cisco, May 2001

Above it's me riding beautiful Cisco on May 2001 near to Forte dei Marmi;
Below instead it's me with a powerful Ducati 748 in LodiVecchio's plaza of Church this April :)
The "old style" and "new style" of riding I guess :)
And both are great sports I must say

Me and  Ducati 748

Italian Site dedicated to the best football player ever (for me at least) the Divine Little Tail Roberto Baggio Click Here And See!

Baggio's site is courtesy of Beppe Quintini (thanx man!)

"Everyone eats, but really few men can distinguish tastes"

"Man eats;but only wise man is aware on how to eat"

"It's gonna be soon a time when men won't be anymore in need to kill for eating, and to kill a beast will be taken as a bad homicide"

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