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Gallimel's House On The Web (2001/2003)
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Who's that yellow haired girl?

"she's the maddest one you could ever meet: equally light and dark, she's a riddle we like to investigate about"
"Meli? A volcano.. pure and simple:Just take a look at this site.. ONLY her could have created something so full and foolish and nice"
This is me in my best friend Ilaria and Monia's words :)
and they know me from all my life so they should have got enough elements I think to judge me.

Why I've got the idea of building a site? easy.. cos everyone's got one it seems :P No... really.. it's just a game after all.

I am anyway aware that no one can know me unless they won't be part of my life and I am also aware that this is mainly a way to express myself.

The site, other than be an expressive tool for me will be also a composite magazine with various interests showed: I am curiosity made person so the range of subjects could even seem chaotic, but it comes actually from a serious CUT out of an infinite numbers of them.

"The one who knows others is wise; the one who comes to know himself is Illuminated" LAO-TZU, Chinese Philosopher

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me and friends february 2001

Valentina, me, Marco and Ilaria in front of Palazzo of Signoria in Florence this winter.
You'll learn to know about my funny mad mates... and you'll see that we like to smile a lot.Better than cry for sure, don't you think?


Click on my bikini pic to see what I did in my Summer Holidays in 2001

"I've paid my dues, time after time.
I've done my sentence, but committed no crime.
And bad mistakes, I made a few,
I've had my share of sand kicked in my face,
but I've come through,
and I need to go on, and on, and on....
We are the champions, my friend,
and we 'll keep on fightin' till the end! "

me in the art of Jean Marc Rulier
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