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Gallimel's House On The Web (2001/2003)

Stars in the Sky and Myths

Watch the sky, recognize the constellations and then learn the Myths creating them!

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Can someone be indifferent to the majestic beauty of a clear sky when it's all covered from a gazillion of sparkling points directing their fascinating light at us?

For centuries and centuries people loved to watch stars and getting thru them that indefinable feeling of pleasure, cos thru that light everyone is like pouring himself in the infinite.

Thank to stars up in the sky we get in contact with the endless creation around us, we feel both little and warm, we feel lost and yet not lonely, like up there in the darkness covered from lights there were eyes watching us and hints of others world somewhere one day we could join.

So.. welcome here in the beauty of the constellation and remember: astronomy is the science, astrology is just a funny way to think stars are having effects on us.

I am for astronomy, just to point this out :)
Enjoy :)

The page of stars and myths!

Ancient Greeks were pleased to give to legendary people a status of eternity and they used to recognize their shapes in the sky thru constellations.

I've noticed that lots of people don't know anything about beautiful Greek myths so I am gonna put some of them here by relating them to those constellations I am gonna show.

Hope you will get the will of knowing more about all this, aware that for instance Chinese people give to the same constellations a totally different meaning so once you'll know the European version of constellations map, you'll be just at the start of a possible discovery .
Enjoy! :)


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