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Comics and Fun

If you think the little child in you has always to survive

cartoon mel

I have got into Comics and cartoons world from when I have memory of myself.
Most of them at start where Japanese ones, since Italian kids of my generation started to watch tv immediatly and at the ending of 70's, starting of 80's years the only productions available in large numbers were exactly Japanese cartoons such Daitarn 3, Jeeg Robot, The Great Mazinger and hundreds of others we all still to remember.

After that,I started to get in touch also with Marvel Comics world, and from that moment, I've always rated cartoons and comics(and japanese Manga) as a proper art form :)

Then Simpsons came into my Universe.
And nothing still as before them :)
But I am not the Simpson's expert here: another one is in charge of makin you enter in their universe. Which is our real life universe after all.

I always hear my mates here say that "now cartoons are not as beautiful as when we were little people".. but I don't agree.. every generation could think the same I fear, it's a common stereotype to always presume that what we lived was better than what is coming after us.
It's a lack of perceivement, and a lack of will to try to understand what has chnaged in all these years.

This page will hopefully be a key for understanding some more about Comics and Fun Industry...when all this makes ART too.
Enjoy :)


In the pic there's me playin laystation at Orni's old flat in July 2001.
The guy's face is Ale Scotti being my partner in the game , which was a Fifa 2001 football game: I just wanna say that he's a Juve supporter and I am a Fiorentina one, and the two teams hate each other BUT.. we were using Juventus and we won, mostly due to him who's great at playing I have to admit.. never i will say it was Juve's players merit! :P

BTW, playin with the damn trick is amazing.. eheh !!!

dance Mel

The two drawnings here are two "me" made as cartoon style.
All the years I've passed seeing japanese cartoons have got their effects it seems :P

They are self made obvioulsy and I hope to have soon the time to make some other of them: my friend Ila wants a version of her too like a cartoon, so I am in risk if I won't accomplish her will!

Look, and in the future you could find Ila Cartoon too...

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