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The EneMies of NME

The online Music Magazine for those who are not blind followers of trends

for every infos or comment or whatever else, you can mail to us @this address below:

EneMies of NME

This online music magazine will be menaged by gallimel and Mikael, and it's something me and him were really up to create from a long, long time :)

The idea was generated months ago after we realized how often we were displeased with NME (the famous british music magazine)approach to critic, which always seems to follow trends but which in years and years has lost its touch about the whole scene.

Then here we are gonna give you tips about records, a series of useful links, comments and news (gossips too), of course by relating ourselves to lots of official sources (all credited here, we don't like to steal material from no one) givin you mainly a global sight on music.

Music is not JUST an American/British prerogative.

Read us, and you will discover how many more Countries produce interesting stuff.

Enjoy :)

currently showed or coming soon:

Shirley Manson Talks


Bjork views


French Touch

Depeche Mode gig in Milan


Oasis 10th Anniversary Gigs

New Order's "Get Ready"

Sahara Hotnights

Travis's The Invisible Band

Ed Harcourt

Noel Gallagher on BBC Radio


The Nu-Metal Shame

NorthCountryBoy Demo

U2's gig in Turin

Blood On Tracks
by Bob Dylan

These are the managers of this section...

hope we won't be always discussing about what we are gonna write here,but generally we agree on everything and not only about music taste!!!

He's a punk and I am a melomaniac.. and both love british popular music and despise teen bubblegum pop ...

Guess it's enough for making this work, don't you think? :)

mel and mik June 2001

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