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"I am the Spirit of Hope, and I was in chain under the lake.. But your prayers and tears moved Odin to feel compassion and he has let me getting newly free.
For thankin you Blue, I will help you fightin' your battle agaist sadness, cos yeah, you were able to help me today and I shall be grateful to you, and I am.."

Blue was head up.. seeing this beautiful ethereal spirit talkin with him while she was flying...
She was of a warm green colour, and she was covered just with her own long hair.. her hands were so luminous Blue wasn't able to distinguish their fingers and everytime she was talkin a warm breeze was enriching Blue's soul.

"Tell me Holy Spirit.. How can I find love for me in this world? It always seem to me that all is cold around me, and I feel so lonely I can't take it anymore.. but I don't know where I shall direct my steps towards, the world so wide and I feel so little in it.."

The Spirit of Hope smiled at him, and flowers started to comes all around her, like a chain of them was constantly whirling as long as she was smiling and talkin so tenderly to Blue:
"I can understand your fears my young friend, and I am keen at givin to you something which is meant to make your research less clueless: sometimes all that we need is a direction and you're right, the world is wide.. but you'll learn that it can become as small as we like if we have a strong heart and a loving one. There's just one world existing for each one and it's the one everyone feel the need and the will to embrace.
I'd give to you a magic sphere... with this you'll be able to find what you're looking for..."


As soon as she finished to talk, from her hands start to exit a blizzard made of sparkling pieces.. all coming over Blue's head and getting together forming a perfect glittering sphere:after it was formed, it fell down on Blue's receiving hands and amazingly Blue reckoned he didn't need to hold it.. the spere was flying over his hands like suspended, following the movement of them with no risks it could have fallen out.

"Holy Spirit.. I thank you for your grace at me" said Blue full of gratefullness "But explain to me , I pray you.. which way this sphere can help me?"

"With it" replied the Spirit with a melodical voice "You can see all the world, and get in contact with everyone, no matter how far away they could be. They are gonna see and hear you under shape of a bluerred person, and it will depend on the deepness of the connection your souls are gonna create the better definition of your shape for those who are gonna meet you like this. So, the more you'll be linked to the person you will be in contact with, the more your "ghost"'s gonna be similar to your real shape for them"

Blue was asking then if he would have been able to perfectly see the other one instead and the Spirit said he would have got this chance.
Then she wished to Blue all the best, and saying that the sphere would have been kept for him in a gold medal when he wouldn't have felt the need of using it, she disappeared vanishing in the air leaving after her a tastey smell of flowers.

Blue kept on hold the gold medal and decided to put it as the main medal on his Prince outfit, and feeling strangely fine came back to his castle.

red house

After the blessed meeting with the spirit, the young Prince visited thank to the sphere many places and he saw lots of different Countries.
From South to North, from East till West, he tried to meet people and see different pattern of life; but even if he was able to feel less lonely, no ne of the persons he met was able to see him more vivid and clear than as a undefined ghost, and Blue after almost a year felt that maybe he was in need of a word from The Spirit again...

So he came back to the lake, again iced, and again he tried to see the beautiful woman under the ice, but he realized she wasn't there, and felt lost.

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