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"You're right" said Blue really regretting his words, which he was thinkin bold but
which were actually a measure of a wrong attitude "And I am asking to you a forgiveness here not cos
I deserve it, but cos a magnanimous wise creature has to be superior to a stupid kid like I am."

Blue was neverthless talking with the usual dignity, and the wolf admired the light in his eyes, which was
a good mix of shame and respect.

"I am happy to see you fail, but that you're ready to admit it: now, I would like to see if you
can take responsibility of yourself.. you'll need it, if you wanna dare to meet Yellow.."

Hearing the name of the woman he was in love with pronounced by the Wolf made blue all fire... and he wasn't able to say
if he would have liked to beat the beast or to beg him to take him there to her priestness.
"How can you.. know? " said he finally at the wolf.

"This is not really mattering: what you have to know is that you need to build faith and confidence in yourself before
arriving to her. And here's the place where you could gain this faith. Do you see the medal I once asked you?"

"Sure I do.. I would so like to use it now, for seeing why my adored Yellow hasn't come to me
tonight.. I think she doesn't want anymore meet me.."

The wolf seemed annoyed by the lack of courage showed by Blue about the love of Yellow, and attacked the Prince,
putting him on ground and keeping the feet over his neck, saying :
"You dare to say this again, and I'll kill you.."
The wolf eyes seemed like jewel in front of Blue, and he whispered he wouldn't have dared any more
to be so unrespecteful.

Then he asked what he would have done for please both the Wolf and Yellow, but as soon as the beast
was on the verge of replying, the sun light was coming thru the trees and the wolf disappearing in a
shadow , running, made his voice echoing like this:
"You'll know tonight young Prince: time has run out and I can't stay here no more...try to find a
way thru the forest, and rememeber in your heart are all forces you could need..."

Blue was disappointed and at first he thought the wolf was having fun with him, but then
he asked himself what he was there for, and saying to himself the name Yellow was givin him back
all powers.
Then he started to walk in the deep forest, but the most he was walking and the less he seemed able
to find a way within it.
Still, everytime he was feeling hopeless, he was thinkin about Yellow and the courage and
the will were coming back.
At time night was approaching again though, he was remaining tired and clueless at the middle of the forest.


He lighted up another fire, and after a while the wolf arrived: but he didn't seemed nor happy in Blue nor
satisfied at all.

"You look at me not in a good way Wolf.. can I ask you why?"

"Prince Blue, tell me now please...What do you think is the reason you're here for?"

Blue immediatly answered he was there for finding his love, without her he wasn't able to live he said.
"She's the one givin me powers, my source of love and will.."

"But I can see you thought of her instead of trusting yourself for finding a way thru the forest ,and you
didn't make it.."

Blue was aggressive at the wolf's words, but tried to calm down before speaking, then he said :" I don't think
this proves at all that Yellow isn't a good reason to follow.."

"I am not saying that: I am saying you still lack the main vision though."

Blue asked again for more explanations, and the wolf said there was no more time for it.. then
he disappeared, leaving again the Prince alone in the forest.
Fore seven days and seven nights the same scenes repeated themselves, until finally the wolf said at a frosty
windy night to the Prince:
"You're stubborn but in the wrong way; you don't get still what makes you great is love, sure,
but love is nothing if you don't trust yourself for first. Like this you cannot come to Yellow, cos
you love her but like an excuse to not love yourself and trust in yourself: you would be lost without her
not just cos you feel love for her, but cos thru that love you've got the only perceivement that you exist.
THIS is wrong..."

Blue was starting to be confused and asked why loving Yellow the way he was doing was apparently not enough for making
him exit from the forest, and the wolf said again:
"Cos you search in a reason outside your soul what should be found just within yourself: you're like a parassyte stealing forces
from a beautiful plant like this, but we cannot live by its own resources... You shall develop
an internal resource, only then you'll find that your love is both a taking and a giving..."

Then the wolf said the time for Blue wasn't eternal:
"You have to understand my words.. cos if tomorrow you won't be able to exit this forest, you won't ever exit from here,
no more at all"

Blue was scared, but then a voice was heard in his ears which comforted him.
It was Yellow's voice, he was sure to hear it thru the wind that frosty night.
She said:
"My adored angel, I am here waiting for you: but until you won't find yourself, the wolf is right, you
cannot come to me.Think of our love, but do things for you, and not due to me. Still, don't be like you were over the
magic bridge, or you'll fall down again, and this time underground: to be selfaware doesn't signify
to be selfish. I am here waiting sweet honeydream, I have all faith in you.
Save me from my prison, and show me I didn't put my faith in the wrong one...."

The subsequent day, Blue exited from the forest, and within one day, so full of energies, he was able to climb up the mountain,and he kept on walking for the whole night.
At dawn, after a quick sleep, taken in a place he wasn't able to distinguish the location since the
deep darkness, he opened his eyes and saw the valley under his eyes.
In face of him, stayed the Capital Town of Jeley, lying down there, all made of beautiful ancient
palaces, and in the middle of the town, in a little lake, there was a little island, with a Golden construction in it.

"It's where my sweetheart lives..."
and smiling with heart fulfilled of joy and love, he started to run towards Yellow's house.

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