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"I am sad for you Prince, you were not deserving this... and so Yellow wasn't, you had the only fault
to be in love.."

Blue's eyes, terrified, were like a question for the Wolf, who was able to understand and explained that Yellow
had said to the God to let her die for the love she was feeling, and that he didn't know where she was or if she was alive anymore.
Blue was like going mad for it, and it was so moved that almost the tree was moving its wood for exiting from ground... then...
tears falling on the ground from his eyes.. Blue understood everything.

The words of the Spirit of Love were into him, blossomed finally, and he was aware that like Yellow
should have lived for the love she was feeling for him in all conditions, the same he should have done for not causing pain to her,
due to exactly that same immense love.
If only he could have stepped back, he would have said different things to the Spirit, but it was too late...


The lake was opening itself, and arising from it, in a green light, was arising the Spirit of Hope; from the sky, coming blossomed from
a sun ray, in her red firing colour was descending the Spirit of Love: and when Blue was receiving back it's human shape, he was able to see the two
Spirits, the Hope and the Love, facing one another, in all equals but in the colour, directing then their face, and their smiles, to him and then melting
themselves into one another, assuming in a sweet light the shape... of...


Screamed Blue, aware finally that Yellow was at the same time The spirit of Hope and the one of Love, noticing finally that she was in all
looking like the two, only with different colours.
The Wolf as well came in between the two lovers were finally hugging themselves again, and looking at them he said:

"You've won your battle Prince Blue, and so let me present you Yellow, The Spirit of Life.
Life which is nothing but Hope and Love and..." and disappearing in Yellows mouth, talking now with her voice, "and Bravery to accept
life as it is, namely unperfect, but full of chances to grow"

Yellow smiled, hugged her Blue, and givin him the Kiss of Love, she took him with her in God's Reign.


In God's Reign they found all answers human being cannot take about the meaning of Life, and if one could have entered there and hear their talks,
he would have gone mad.
But their rules are not of this Earth, so let's them live where their love can be fully accepted, so great that facing it even the Laws of God's Reign had to be rewrite.

And if you will see one day a Green Silver Wolf looking at you asking you to be brave, don't fear for it: you could start to walk in the Yellow and Blue's sweet road to
Happiness too.

Take a look around.

by gallimel

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