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For months Blue and Yellow met like that:every single evening the Prince was in his room and every single evening the female ghost arrived for talking and have good time together.
They seemed born for being friends, it wasn't day between them they didn't feel a strong chain being built linking their hearts, and the Prince was forgetting his gold medal, and wanted just to be with her.

"Where are you from?"
Blue asked one day to his friend.

"I live where Sky and Sea have the same colour, and where Sun and Ground have the same warmness too."

"Can I come to you? I would love to meet you ...really...."
And as soon as he pronounced these words, his face went as red as fire, and he felt something he never did before.


"I don't know if it's the case my sweet Prince" and saying that, Yellow seemed scared about the Prince's request, "Cos it's not easy road to come to me, and I would fear for your safety and mine..."

"What are you talking about my beloved gold haired lady? Is there something that bad in the place where you live that could make my life be under risk, and so yours? Tell me please, I hate the idea you live in a place where someone or something could harm you..."

Yellow flied nearer to Blue, who was standing like an ancient hero sparkling light around, and she would have loved more than anything else to be able to hold his hand then...
She tried to caress Blue's face, but the contact was not allowed to be, and her hand passed thru Blue's skin like all ghosts are condemned to feel.
Then some silent tears fell from her eyes till ground, but again they didn't touched really the Prince's room floor, and passed thru it without leaving wetness.

To see the girl cry made Blue so shattered he felt his heart broken in thousand pieces, and so desperatly he would have wanted to hug her he was almost shocked from the feeling.
"Why your beautiful eyes of human deer are fulfilled of tears?" he asked trying to hold himself "Tell me please, you seem so suffering I can't stand to see you like that..."

"In my soul doubt is placing itself... in my heart there 's not anymore one single colour, and I feel no more any sureness...I would love to meet you, but I am not free here where I live, I have got a role which doesn't allow me to go and act as I really please..."

mandm 2

"Are you jailed? Some horrid one keeps you in chains? Oh please Yellow, explain yourself better, I feel like I have fire inside, and if you're gonna tell me there's someone abusing of your pure life, then I am gonna kill him wherever he lives, and wherever you are kept in his bad shadow!"

The girl smiled softly, and she put an hand over her chest, and then she put it over Blue's one, knowing that she couldn't touch it really, but acting like she could indeed.

"Do you feel it?" she asked.
"I do.. I feel your heart beating.. like you could caress mine as well now..."he replied,"so speak my Lady, I need to know...I need to make something for you cos.."

"Don't tell it,please, my heart seems unable to take more than it has already to do when, like now, I am seeing your blue eyes so clearly and feel like I have no more conscience nor memory, nothing beside the perceivement of you and this feeling having me so widely..."

Blue was so enraptured that he was actually capable to see all Yellow's shape and colour, like she was there flesh and bones, not like a ghost, like instead someone he would have straight away hugged and made his.
If only he could have followed that immense need he was under the power of...

"I won't tell that then, but I think I am not the only one feeling it, I see all in your sight, and I see we are the same, we always were, and we are meant to always be like that..."
He then asked again for more explanations from Yellow, and she gave them.

She was living in a Land called Jeley and there she was the one tipped to be the priestness of the local deity, and she always loved her role and always she was more than devoted to her God, also cos the powers of the holy priestness was high in her community and she was able to talk with the deity and live with him like a wife with her husband.

"Ours a magic land, we are half eternal all of us, but when you born and you are tipped to be the holy priestness, then you live half of your life in God's Reign and they protect you and take care of you for all your life, if you are devoted to them. But..."


"But we can never leave our Land, and never leave the Temple, or we would be straight forwarded into Demon's Land... and with us all the human people we care of..."

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