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Blue looked again at the lake and his sight went deep deep deep down the water, but all that he was able to see was still a dark colour there.

"I was a fool in coming back here.. and for what may, she can't help me, there's no true hope around..."

But a certain noise backed him, he turned to the source of it and he saw a little wolf looking at him.
He didn't look scared, he didn't look scaring: he was watching Blue and almost smiling at him.
Blue felt warm in seeing him and tried to touch him, but always the wolf stepped one piece back, so that in a while Blue was into the forest and when he realized that, it was already too late.

"I can't orientate myself no more, how will I be able to come back home like this?"
He was again near to losing the plot when the wolf howled at the trees around,and hundreds of other wolves appeared around Blue; but the Prince wasn't scared either this time, and was still feeling no one of the beasts would have harmed him.

The wolf who was looking like the chief of them all, with a mervellous green silver cloak came then near to Blue, Blue bended on his knees for letting the eyes look in his better, and the wolf licked the medal of blue which was the magical sphere.

As soon as he did, the medal started to sparkle as it never had before, and a massive light embraced Blue and the wolves, till Blue fainted, overwhelmed by that power.

After three days apparently Blue opened again his eyes, and found himself in his room, surrounded by ten doctors and his parents; when his mother saw him watching at her again, she cried for the immense joy and hugged him so tight Blue remained airless.

"What happened my beloved Mother that I am here while I remember as last thing that I was in the forest with hundred wolves?"

" You were saved from the flames in the forest my adored son, and this man found you and saved your life and our hearts with it"
She replied hinting at a young man standing across the wall, distanced from the Prince's bed in humble position.
"Come near to me, my saviour and let me thank you for having saved my life: ask me all that you want, and you'll obtain it straight away"

The young man then came across Blue's bed and looking proud althought respecteful he asked for Blue's golden medal.

Blue was petrified, but he had no choice than give the medal to his saviour, even if detaching it from himself his face was sad as he had lost his soul.

"I am giving to you my most precious treasure, but you saved my life so I am glad to please you: treat that good, it's not just a beautiful medal.."

"I know well its power Prince Blue, but believe: you have not lost it forever"

And while saying it, the man become the chief wolf and howled and disappeared within a second from everyone's sight, and only in Blue's mind the memory of this lasted.

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Another month passed with Blue feeling lonely: his father organised ten parties for his son to meet people and be happy, but the more Blue was making knowledge of new guys and girls, the more he was feeling unsatisfied.
He was missing his sphere and the power of seeing new places, he was missing his ghost's entity and the chance to see foreign people, he was missing all that he had lost since he gave the medal to the wolf, and the disappointment was making him blind to new opportunities.

So after the tenth party he locked himself in his room, upset by all the fuss around him, and he lied on his bed, having just the moonlight making the room clear enough to see the furniture shapes.

And while he was undressing himself, a woman appeared in face of him.. a girl, with long hair coloured as blee, and a wide smile for cheering him up.

Blue was unable to move himself nor to speak, cos this girl seemed a ghost for the way she had enetered, but she seemed so true he felt he could have touched her if only he had tried to.

"What's your name?"
The girl asked to the Prince, suddenly moved from her voice like a piece of ground can be moved from thunders:

"Blue is the way my parents have called me from my first day on this Earth.. and what's yours my sudden host tonight?"

The girl smiled even wider, pleased with the sound of Blue's voice, sweet and warm at once and answered like this:

"They call me Yellow, and so you can call me as well"

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