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When Blue arrived at the town, the two Stone Giants named from the rabbit and watching over its entrance asked him three questions.
They looked terribly and strong, but their voices were like a choir made by seraphins, and Blue was feeling
a lot healed by them, and protected.
The Left Giant asked him:
"What's what you're searching for?" and he replied "I am searching for a pure happiness, and for this I would like to meet Yellow the Holy Priestness of this Temple"

The Right Giant then asked :
"What you think moves yourself for this searching really?"
and Blue replied calm:
"I think eveyone tries to be happy in his life.. I think I've found a reason for it, but I think it's not
anymore the one I thought it was when I was starting my travelling. I still need the Priestness's words for being
sure of my direction though.."

The last question was made by the two giants together:
"Are you in love with the Priestness?"
and Blue replied simply and smiling humbely:
"Yes: I've fallen under her grace, so you can kill me if you have to for what I dared to feel.
But I don't think you can rule over love, when love it's pure."

The Giants, satisfied with the answers let him walk in the garden around the Temple, and Blue directed himself immediatly to the Golden building.
A smell of flawers was all around, and a sense of deep peace was taking Blue, like all the rush, the fears, the doubts were vanishing in the beauty around him.
He felt lucky to live, and full of ideas to follow, and will to make things.
He then came at the door of the Temple, which opened itself in face of him as soon as he stepped in front of it.

A beautiful music was played inside the luminous room.
Up to a stair of seven colours, sitting over a carpet flying above ground, suspended,was Yellow.
Behind her, a sculpture of a man with head unseable for the light coming from it.

"Welcome in my arms, my sweet Blue"
She said.
Blue would have loved to run towards her, but instead started to walk, like feet were too heavy even
for moving them.
He was crying of joy, and he wasn't able to speak...


Then they fell in each other's arms and passed together the day and the night.
No lovers ever on Earth shared a similar intense passion as the two far away people, and Yellow for making no one call her during her time with Blue asked to the Giants to never let anyone pass the Main Door.

Then she moved with Blue in her room, and let him slowly undress her and take care of her body and soul as no one else could have done.
She extatically felt his skin completening hers and she went aware that nothing would have been the same in her world after.
At the same time Blue was so happy and amazed to have her, to be able to pose his fingers on her skin he was suffering already for the ineluctable fact he would have been forced to neverthless leave her soon , when the God would have taken her in the God's Reign as usual.

Yellow didn't need for him to speak to know that, and her heart went in tears reckoning that the immense love would have also caused an immense sufference.
But she was looking his eyes, and no doubts were ready to stay in her soul, all that sky colour there was always capable of giving her all faith in the future.

"I think a solution can be found for me and you for being together, even if not always my love.. cos I can't leave you, but I cannot give up at my role here, cos all Jeley would be in trouble if I would break my word towards my fair God. And after all, I don't want to be unrespecteful to Him, since I am keen at His will, and happy to be so."

Blue's eyes started to sparkle at that hope, and all his body went up from the sheets and holding his Yellow he firmly but sweetly asked which solution could have been for them since he would have made everything for stay with the Priestness.

In a remote part of Jeley there is the Source of Love, a magic place where it's said to live The Spirit of Love. She's a deity who protects all pure loves and her powers are said to be infinite.
I think we should ask her to help us, but you know that I cannot exit from this Temple, so you should travel there and ask her to make something for us..."

"Will you help me honey?"

Yellow went cupe a bit, and then watched her Blue, holding his hands and started to sniff over the place.

"When my God will take me in God's Reign, I won't be able to help you my angel, I will be forced to make you face danger alone... Oh, I'd prefer to die than let you alone in this case..."

But Blue wanted just to know if there was even just one chance to be with her maybe if taking this risk: as soon as Yellow replied positively, he had made his mind up:

"Then I'll go: I would die anyway having got you and knowing with one slim chance apt to make me and you be happy, I didn't had the bravery to try for it"

The night after Blue's decision went like a dream, with all the intense love and passionate desire out of the two youngs displaying itself and creating the most powerful of links.
Blue and Yellow would have looked to anyone as an item impossible to be divided, and everyone,
looking at the way they were making love would have thought of their right of stay together,
whishing them luck in Blue's mission.

In the meantime, dawning was approaching and with it the time for Blue to leave the Temple
letting Yellow be taken in God's Reign, while searching himself out for the Spirit Of Love.

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