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"I want to meet you still... There cannot be any God so cruel to let a girl like you never see any place other than his Temple, and there cannot be any good deity who treats his officer like a slave..."

"Don't be this harsh my sweet Prince, you don't know how great my God is, you cannot judge him...
there are bad things in this situation and I am recognizing them now that thru you I am touching a new, beautiful sparkle of life but thru Him I've reach peace and serenity, nothing lacks to me that He cannot give to me..."
But while saying this, Yellow looked in Blue's eyes and the voice stopped, caught in the mouth; her heart was beating too fast and she wasn't able to move anymore.
"You're trembling my Lady... why?"
But she was keepin on being unable to move nor speak.

Seeing his face was like a dream open eyed for Yellow and she had never found no sight in her life more pleasant than look at her Blue.
Thanx to the ultra powers the fact to be the Holy Priestness had given to her she had always been able to see all places in world, to meet people like she was doing with her Prince neverthless she was looked up in the Temple and unable to exit more than into the Garden of it, but still, no Reign, no creature, no effort from any artist was able to move her heart and soul like when Blue was so near to her face she would have been able to kiss him, if only her body would have been solid.

"I'll save you Yellow: don't try to stop me. I am gonna travel the whole world if necessary for coming to you.. I need to see your smile in face of me and not as a luminous dream, but as a sparkling reality.
I've made my mind upon it, you will try to stop me I know but you won't make it.. "


Yellow would have liked to say to him to not dare to come, she was fearing for the difficulties of the travel and for his safety, but she wasn't able to say any of the words apt to maybe stop him.
Cos she would have suffered everything from her side as well to be allowed soon, or in one amazing day of her life at least, to stay in front of the beautiful Prince, as tender as a white pure cloud, and touch him, caress him.... and delicatly rubbing her lips with his...

"You'll have to face monsters in hundreds shape my brave one, and I won't be able to exit for helping you.."

"You follow my steps just, give me faith and powers and strenght, and believe me as sooner as you may think we are gonna be together my sweetheart.."

He was surprised from his words: the affective nickname exited directly from him and he looked at the girl scared that could have made her run away, but she smiled, of a very peculiar, gorgeous, warm smile and replied:

"You know that I am gonna from now on forever wait for seeing you like that my adored angel of love..."

And saying this, for that night she disappeared, as usual as soon as dawn lights were coming thru Blue's room high windows .

The sun outside was telling Springtime was about to get into its zenit, everything was blossomed and of a pure colour and Blue was feeling as good as he never did before.

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