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During that very day Blue communicated to his parents his decision to travel till Jeley, a place that his mother and father didn't even known, and which was a mystery also for all the scholars and scientists and generals of the Reign.

But there was no way to make the Prince change his mind: he took the most beautiful and resistant ship of the father's feet and moved to south.
Every night over sea Yellow was coming to him and comforting him he was taken the right direction; days and days passed by, and seasons till almost a year after their first meeting, Blue arrived at the borders of Jeley Reign.

"Tomorrow morning" Yellow said to him the night before the docking, "You're gonna see a spehered building relucing like gold over the sand. Pronounce these words my angel and you will be allowed to dock in Jeley Land. Say "Hyyima- Gadha-Haanhua" and you only step off from the ship.
Do not take any weapon with you, just take all your bravery cos that's the only thing you'll need here. "

"No weapons at all my honey? why if I may ask? Isn't this too risky, if I am gonna be under menaces?"

"Here no weapons are allowed, Demons would make ground open under your feet if you'd dared to bring them in Jeley, they would drag you down and we would never see each other my love.."

So as soon as morning came, Blue pronounced the formule he didn't know the meaning of.
Suddenly the golden building opened its roof like a lotus flower over water, and from the internal of it a bridge apparently made of crystal came out joining the ship, and a voice directed to Blue prayed him to step over there and have no fears.
"You're gonna travel over this crystal catwalk till Jeley Temple, to meet the Holy Priestness and ask her what you want young Prince."

Blue obeyed to the voice, and started to fly like that over the beautiful land, cheerful like a little heaven, with all nature's beauty in it: lakes, seas, woods and forests, green expands and mountains covered from ice, all seemed part of the reign, and Blue felt only such a beautiful place could have been the one where Yellow could have lived in.

But just when he was dreaming of being with her soon and finally love her like he needed to, a strong wind made him fall from the crystal catwalk and he remained over a flowered greengrass while his magic bridge was flying above him and vanishing in the sky horizon.

Blue felt stupid and angry at his superficiality for having lost a so powerful tool, and moreover he had no maps and no ideas of where direct himself at that point.

He knew during night Yellow would have come to him, but he was still upset for having anyway lost a quick way to come at her that very day even.

He started to kick flowers, and while doing it, he saw a black rabbit coming out from its lair and rebuke him immediatly .

"What are you doing you fool bad one? Why are you trashing down these flowers, can't you hear they scream at you to let them live?"

Blue felt double shocked: not only the rabbit was able to speak, but he was also right in its attack to him, and he felt ashamed:
"I am sorry for this I did, I was just feeling so frustrated... Do you can address me in the correct direction to the Holy Priestness Temple?"

The rabbit started to jump around, like Blue was swearing or something, and he replied to the Prince so:
"Such an uncaring one like you would never been able to enter the Temple.. You're gonna be trunched by the Two Stone Knights who are the Guardians there at the entrance.."

"No you're wrong... The Priestness is waiting for me, and she will let me enter straight if you only could tell me where the Temple is... You maybe saw that I fell from a crystal bridge which was sent from her to bring me there..."

"So you even fell from The Pure Way? This is even worst than I thought.."

"Explain yourself please.. I don't like these mysterious talks..."

"The crystal flying bridge you were over is a mesure of your pure soul: if you fell out of there it was for a not pure thought you had while you were flying over it.. and this is a furthermore evidence you're not ready for be in face of the Holy Priestness..."

Blue realized he was pushed down from the wind after he thought about making love with Yellow, and he realized that had been the first time he had a thought of selfish pleasure about their love.
Since that, he was aware the rabbit was right.

"You seem to know lots of things rabbit.. can I ask you to guide me till the Temple?"

"My place is in this garden, so I can't exit from here.. But I am gonna tell you where is the Temple:can you see the forest in face of you, and the mountain after it?"
Said the cute pet pointing at the horizon in Northern direction; Blue made a sign with head he was seeing it all.
"Pass the forest, and climb the mountain and you're gonna see The Capital Town of Jeley. At the middle of it, over the Holy Island the Temple stands in it's magnificent beauty. Get there if you think you're strong enough, and good luck.I'll pray for you to be able to come to your aims"

Blue wasn't able to say to the rabbit no "thanx" even that the little beast was already disappearing under ground.

"So it's time to move" thought Blue taking steps into the forest.

The sun in the maintime was ready to slip down and night was fastly approaching.


Blue was seeing the darkness making itself wider and stronger,
and by the time the latest ray of the sun was missed, he found himself at the middle of the forest.
He sat down thinkin that it would have been wiser to not move in an unknown place presumably
full with beasts not having any weapon, and he prepared the only thing useful to help him then:
a fire.
He was feeling the warmness of the flame while waiting for his Yellow to come, but it passed an hour,
and they passed two, three... four of them and the beautiful ghost shape didn't appear.

Blue was desperate, fearing that his beauty was upset at him following from the magic bridge, or
even worst, fearing that her Deity would have unveiled their plans; in his mind all fears were placed,
and he was feeling in the heart a choking feeling of missing, like losing in a game before even
start to play it.

And just when his thoughts were fastly coming to the worst, he recognized two eyes of a ferox savage beast
looking directly at him.
He stood up, and took a step back to the fire, immediatly grabbing a torch from it, both for
seeing better among leaves and bushes and also for making the beast aware he wouldn't have
stayed there quietly in case of an attack.

"I see you've not learn to be trustful in yourself yet, young Prince"
Was the voice coming from the bushes then; Blue knew immediatly that voice wasn't heard by him
for the first time, but he couldn't have named where he had already met that person having it.

"Who are you, who seems to know me so well to feel allowed to judge me so? Show yourself, and stop
stay so in the shadow..."

Blue saw the leaves move themselves and rustling, and he got speechless since he was seeing in front of
him the Green Silver Wolf who once had stolen his medal. He was wearing it like a collar, and
looking calm and not menacing at all.

"You seem surprised Blue, to see me here, but you shouldn't: I belong to this forest, this is
actually my Reign, since this is the Forest of Bravery and I am the custodian of it."

"You come from Jeley? and why you've walked at the time you stolen me the medal till my so far
away Reign, if you even had a custody to be hold here?"

The wolf looked at him a bit more menacing and stepped in his direction, carefully avoiding the space of the fire but being
well careful Blue would have perfect see its face anyway:

"You still a well unaware young man with long tongue and slim space for good analysys: cos if
I remember correctly, I saved your life there and subsequently you gave me a prize, this medal exactly"

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