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GallimelWorld as it used to be, and GallimelWorld as it is NOW!

Lyrics from moonlight and soul 2001, then I created in 2003 the first version of Gallimel's Web Door, lasting till the entire in 2007 get into THE NEW improved version of Gallimel's Web Door!

Below you can read what my message to web waves was like in 2001...
Oh , well.. are you ready for a good laugh?
Well, if any, you should assume that I was pretending to have a sort of songwriting skill that I certainly have not. I don't have the faintest idea of what is requested to write a song.. But I like to pour out my soul, especially when I have big feelings in me, and they can be both in positive as in negative(...)
(...)But as I said, I don't try to sound "good" nor to achieve any purpose.. these lyrics are just a part of me , a moment I lived , a sparkle I got or a haze I was into.
Whatever they are.. they are life: and I am too fond of life for avoiding to keep them with me. They are in chronological order.. I started to write them at the start of 2001 and I wrote the thirteen at the end of April 2001.All the rest.. will have a date stamped on , eheh :)

So let's get there and get a grip on my soul...

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