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The Artwork Album Of Gallimel
Oil Paintings

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"Angel of Love" Oil on canvas


"Thinkin Renoir" Oil on Canvas

Thinkin Renoir

"Dishearted" oil crayons on plated surface


"Me Oil Portrait" Oil on canvas


"Couple on bed" Aquarels on paper

couple on bed

"Haway Girl" Oil on Canvas

Hawai Girl

I would really love to have constantly time for putting colours on canvas.. it's like a dream to me, it reminds me of first time I saw a painter in my life: I was 4 and I was on sea beach during summer: a lady used to get there early every morning and paint the sea.. always similar to itself, always different..
"To paint is like singing" she told me "You can make the same song always different by just change the mood of it, the way you see it, if you see all in light or all in shadow"
And this is what I feel when I create images,whatever way I do it: I feel like someone with a soul which sings an ode to life.

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