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Lyrics From Moonlight and Soul

by gallimel

All Mighty Shadows

Every day I wake up
Thinkin that it will cease
That this biting heavy thought
Has left me during my dreams...

Every afternoon I do realize
That I still hate you instead
And the life you could have
In that funny world of your mess

I thought of you today too
I felt that fire burning inside
Consuming my peace as a lurching machine
and I felt against all that'your building without me

God why I can't yet accept you live?
God.. after all I was the one renouncing at this...
God why I still miss you like a canary's flight
If when I had you you seemed always so gaunted?

I still wondering how the hell
Can you stay in my mind
Hours pass and I haven't done anything right..
Okay I am gonna take my time,
Okay,rationally I must somewhen stop to feel blind..
All mighty
All mighty
All mighty shadows take hands off my life...

I am thinkin of you today as well
I am angry against the happiness you may get
I am whishing to you to never feel joy no more,
It's not what I want but I have like another one in my core...

God why can't I forget you?
Oh damn.. after all I never even found you cute...
God I don't wanna wish to you to be trashed down,
It's not right cos when you searched for me
All that I was looking for
Was you to stay quietly out of my Town...

I still here wondering how the hell
I am feeling this choking missing;
Hours are passing and I am taken by hate...
Okay:I am gonna take my time
Okay, rationally I will soon stop to feel dying...

All mighty,
All mighty,
All mighty shadows which still remind me of you,
All mighty,
All mighty,
All mighty shadows which still remind me of you...

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