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Lyrics From Moonlight and Soul

by gallimel

That Shy Sudden Tender Smile

There's a moment
Which lasts these days in my mind
Now, that I left you
Cos I couldn't stand to be
Such a useless presence in your life

There's a shy sudden tender smile
Over a car running to a tower
A moment of a deep good feeling
Which will always be treasured in me

But we were ending to talk
Without even considering the other,
So keen, you bold man but cold
In keeping me apart from your world
So I've finished all talks
Cos you didn't want to hear them no more
Always ready to see in me things
Which I could never plan nor have done

There were moments
Of closeness between us
Yeah, but strangely they're all faded now in my mind,
Far away, apart from me
Like a distant dream after I woke up too fast
And this goodbye doesn't hurt me at all
Since the previous did it too much

Still for me that shy sudden tender smile
Over that car moving to a tower
And that moment of deep warm feeling
Will always be the memory of you in me

But after you stopped to talk
Without hearing what I was trying to say
So ready to judge a person who wasn't me
You turned all to be so negative...
It's life, I guess..
Cos we are so frajile men...
Weren't you unable to handle
A friend whom once you praised at your best?

(That shy sudden tender smile
Of a man who was in my core...
That shy sudden tender smile
Of a man who couldn't be my friend once again,it's so sore...
That shy sudden tender smile
Digged the grave for us to stay connected,
That shy sudden tender smile
Which made you so scared, scared, scared...

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