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Lyrics From Moonlight and Soul

by gallimel

Big Mistake

Your ghost's gonna get in
To shatter my mind
But you're gonna fade away soon
You, who did harm me
And whom illogically I still miss a bit

I know all's gonna be washed
Since my soul wants to live among love
And you've trampled on it with your cruel jokes

So ehy, baby,
There's nothing of you which I'll keep with me
And if I'm stubborned at you yet
Is cos I hate to be fooled in my reign

I'm waiting for your image catched into me
Which every now and again surfacing gives me pain
Oh,I'm waiting for it to dissolve itself
Just like it did the affection I had
After you simply dismissed
All that together we've made

I am feeling that it's filtering outside me
Flyin' in the air and setting me free
It's your memory vanishing its bad shape
And lasting in me just as a pic I take
I am feeling that all those tears
Were just a payback
For all your mistakes that YOU should have paid

But ehy, baby,
There's nothing of you which I'll keep with me
And if I was stubborned at you is cos I hate to be mistreated

Don't you know baby,
One day you will have back all the same
The point is that finally I don't care

Yeah baby, I'm out of your shadow
I'll keep an eye on myself
Trying just to get better

Yeah baby,I'm under light again
And there's nothing of you
That I am gonna regret

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