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Lyrics From Moonlight and Soul

by gallimel

Minor Bath at 5pm

Tv on
Nothing to watch
My eyes just roll
Hoping for some grabs to make them stop

Outside life passes by
Outside, outside...outside, outside...

Wasn't too much what we tried to share?
Where did I fail that I made you run away?

Tv on
Something to watch
Is not for my grief, so I filled the pool
Got immersed but like I wasn't there,
Like I'm not here yet

Like life inside has stopped to be
Inside, inside..inside, inside...

Wasn't too much what I gave away?
Where did I lost my own sense of Faith?

Tv off
While water keeps flowding
And I try to remember
And I try to understand
When I would only like to forget

Wasn't too much what I dreamt for fun?
Where did I fool that man whom I must make glad?
Wasn't too much what I dared to search?
Where did it all go wrong, go wrong with my head?

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