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Lyrics From Moonlight and Soul

by gallimel

Devil Twist

Twistin thoughts
I never wished myself to be able to get
I still feel so blessed
Instead of call them evilish made

You were all my shine
But now when you talk as you were used to
No bangin' happens inside me
And it's like I'm facing a sad white wall

I am turning love
Into a frozen firm water
And a smooth talk
In that firing will to scream loud
And I don't know how I have to react
what I do know is that I won't stop that
while I am feeling so alive, again...

So I twisted this thought into my mind
And now it seems that my soul can define
Why I do feel blessed while
I'm cruelty disguised

Yeah, I turned a fading love
Into a respectful lie,
Yeah, I turned an angel's talk
Into flame that burns
And I don't care how I should have reacted
And I don't care how this might be end
Cos it's now when he turns me feel so good again
And it's now that i have to keep this passionate frame
(of mind, of mind)

(If this is cruel then I am,
If this is evil then call me that,
And alive, alive alive...
I feel so alive alive alive...)

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