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Lyrics From Moonlight and Soul

by gallimel

50000 for a two hours tan

25 June 2001

Back on a sand carpet
feeling the sun as a spring blossom
out of my warm loving heart
It's June and if you would touch
a wave rock
you would make a lilium coming out from

The breeze melted the sound of your voice
mixing up with water chants,
the light on your face showed me
all that I was lookin out for
and then you held me
making me experience the trance,
and so you kissed me letting everyone
see the magic of us

You must have seen me from skies
and sudden you decided
to make a coming down...

You found me and made my soul
like worshipping rhymhe
and in this beach dream
we created a thing so wide...

And you saw me from sky
and you came on a seagull's flight
and you found me, and you made me climb up so high...

from when I've got you I just feel so right,
from when I've got you there's nothing which can leave me blind,
from when I've got you I just feel so right,
from then I just feel so nice, so nice, so nice...

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