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Lyrics From Moonlight and Soul

by gallimel

Don't Think Of My Eyes

13 June 2001

Don't think of my eyes...
don't think of them now that you cannot kiss me

I die of the will to have you by my side
I die of the memory of your soft hands goin' everywhere on me
the smoothest heavenly touch I am ever gonna get...

My angel, if I think of your eyes I just start to cry ...

Don't think of mines then,
they're full of tears since I cannot kiss you anywhen..

I die of the will to have you shaped over me at night
I die of the memory of our kissing under stars
or in the dawn lights on my parent's bed.. inside...

My angel, don't you know all that we did is written in flame
in my life's stem?

Don't think of my eyes,
it's so hard for me to constant remind myself of your blue light
don't think of my eyes
they cannot sparkle since they have you lost right...)

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