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Lyrics From Moonlight and Soul

by gallimel

Walkin Home

11 June 2001

Take the walk
I need to walk and tasting my heavy heart
You left: and I am like authomating act

I walk, walk , walk
hoping all this traffic won't get me caught
But i's not the traffic, the haze I touch..
It's that I am already missing you so much...

Take this walk for coming back home from airport,
needing the noise cos I fear the silence without your voice

All this pain seems almost not mine, it's too wide..
I'm seeing you everywhere, taking me high and high...

We will meet again,
and we 're gonna be happy
we will stop to cry
feeling again just so well...

"We're gonna make it : all will be okay"
You said while sitting I was crying so bad

So let's take my walk in the sun
till my home: your necklace's on,
the sound of ankle's dolphin will bring me up
You're in my heart forever as I am in yours,
so let's go and
let's take the walk, let's.. take the walk...

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